Our Customers

Our Customers

Our Customers

A Customer:

What do you think when you hear these words:

It is time to renew you Vehicle License

Not sure about you but I cringe. With you have a Free Online Platform that automates this tedious task.

You simply fill in your Vehicle License Renewal form online, ONCE. And never again!

Every year, 30 days before your vehicle license expires, you will receive an email with you License Renewal Forms attached.

Best of ALL. The form will be digitally filled out so you don’t have to touch a pen ever again.

Wampum Animal Grooming Products:

Wampum Animal Grooming Products Logo

Wampum Animal Grooming Products is a longstanding client of

We proudly developed a WordPress e-commerce website for this great company. Located on the outskirts of Pretoria on a smallholding.


A Customer:

We have developed a variety of tailored-made Software Tools for this international DesigningDompany.

They boast of clientele such as well known airliners in the US, large oil production companies in Texas and lets not even mention the celebs.

Okay, that last bit was little over-optimistic. Hey – these guys know their business. Give them a shout should you require any designing work done.

Don’t hesitate to mention where you got the referral from. Might just get a discount there 🙂

A Customer:

Our comprehensive list of attainments served this successful Online Educational Software company to deliver a top-quality Sign Language Software product.

Once again – such a nice team to work with. And we are nearly as proud as they are to be associated with a project of this magnitude. They did groundbreaking work! Changing peoples lives & attitudes. Well done 🙂

Epic Wireless Solutions:

We have worked, hand in hand with EWS – a well established and reputable IT Infrastructure Company in South Africa.

We are their number one Software Service Provider & Solutions Expert. Once again – these oaks are on top of their game.

Smoke coming from your pc monitor? Or any funny noises from that dusty PC box? Make sure to contact an EWS team member. They surely are victorious when it comes to service and preciseness

A Customer: is an online Logo Freelancing Website. Their growth is phenomenal and we were there all the way to get them of the (logo)ground.

Go have a look at their website – perhaps you can earn a “buck” or two.

Only if you have serious Designing Skills. They are really picky about quality 🙂 But that is what we all want as customers?

This is certainly one of our most “fun” partners in the trade. We love dealing with them and they really challenge our skills with their open-minded and innovative projects. Please don’t stop guys – we love being challenged!

And the list goes on and on…
We will have to employ a fulltime article writer just to keep this up to date. But we are trying 🙂

If you really really want more examples of projects that we have successfully completed just sent me a message – I will kindly reply.