Link Exchange Monitor

ActiveLinking – Link Exchange Monitoring Software

ActiveLinking – Link Exchange Monitoring Software

The Client:

Duration – Link Exchange Monitoring Software Development

Full-time: 3 months

Overview / Background:

When Internet Marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) makes any sense to you then perhaps you should have a look at this cool software tool.

Link Exchange Monitor

This is one of many projects we have completed for
We were engaged by them to develop this Free Internet Software tool.

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When exchanging a few links then you would be able to manage it yourself – just fine.

But when you have several link exchange partners then this could become one of those neglected tasks. Fear no more. With ActiveLinking you could pass on this task to a reliable new “employee”. ActiveLinking will automatically scan all your link exchanges on a daily basis and inform you of any partners that have perhaps removed their bit of the deal.

In general, you would link to another website on the condition they have a reciprocal link back to you. But when these arrangements are not monitored then you could end up linking to the entire world and no one else is linking back to you. Don’t let this happen to you. Go grab a copy of ActiveLinking now…

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