Vehicle License Renewal

Vehicle License Renewal – Free and Online

Vehicle License Renewal – Free and Online

Vehicle License Renewal is Painful, Right?

So we all know Vehicle License Renewals are painful.

You either forget to do them which results in penalty fees $$$. And run the risk of your insurance company not backing you in the event of an accident…. (not good).

Or you, like all of us, hate filling out forms. Sometimes you need a magnifying glass just to be able to get your name and surname filled out in the provided blocks. Bad document design!

Anyway, whatever your dislikes…

The Solution: Automate your License Renewal Process

Now you can use

You complete your vehicle details once online.

And every single year you will receive your COMPLETED vehicle license renewal form in your email inbox (30 days in advance). Not just as a reminder but an email with your actual License Renewal Form filled out.

You simply Print it. Sign it. And head down to your local Post Office.

So please check this one out:

3 thoughts on “Vehicle License Renewal – Free and Online

  1. Hi there I used, current problem I found is that when I select between Private and Business it reverts back to private no matter what, I also created a vehicle, deleted it and tried to re-add the vehicle as to where it says vehicle already added.

    If someone can let me know if these things are being worked on I would appreciate it as this is a very handy site.

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      The issue was resolved as per our email discussions.
      In the meantime, we have improved by miles 🙂
      Go have a look.

      Marius van Tubbergh

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