Database Driven Email Client

Database Driven Email Client

Database Driven Email Client

The Client:

Isatto Software

Duration – Database Driven Email Client Software Development

Full-time: 12 months

Overview / Background:

Who of you is running a Small Enterprise or even a Home Business? Did we all not had small beginnings? What makes this software one of my favorite tools is the fact that

Database Driven Email Client
Database Driven Email Client

“mother nature” does not offer many alternatives. Or let me rather add, not many alternatives at an affordable fixed price.

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When we talk Email we know that in order to download your emails on your computer you are in need of an “Email Client”. But what if you are a small team – let us say about 2 -5 people or even more. And you all are dealing with the same clients & emails. And each of you has your own computer or laptop. Would it not be great if all 2 – 5 people have shared access to the same emails.

And even better – what if you could have that shared access from the comfort of each one’s own personal computer? Well there you have it – a Database Driven Email Client. That’s exactly what isattoMail (now dabMail) is all about.

When you want a full-blown Email Client with added features (way ahead of its time) then this is your best choice. As for alternatives – yes Outlook can also give you shared inbox capabilities BUT. And there is always a but. You will most probably need a domain, servers and “what have you not”. Stuff that costs lots of $$$.

Then you have not even bought the Office package containing the Outlook email client yet. Our team really was a little jealous regarding this idea. You know that moment: “Damn, why didn’t we thought about that?”. Exactly. But hey, we are long-standing partners of isatto and hopefully, we will be serving them till death do us apart 🙂

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