Cricket South Africa - Fitness Assessment Software

Fitness Software for the Proteas Cricket Team – South Africa

Fitness Software for the Proteas Cricket Team – South Africa

The Client:

High Performance Fitness Centre & Cricket South Africa Software Development

Duration – Fitness Software Development

Full-time: 4 months

Overview / Background:

I will have to admit – “celebrity software” is few and far between. Our team can, fortunately,  boast about a few of them. And when developing a Desktop Software Solution with a cloud interface for one of the best cricket teams in the world namely the Proteas – a couple of things should be noted:

Cricket South Africa - Fitness Assessment Software
Cricket South Africa – Fitness Assessment Software

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1. You are never bigger than your client (or the game).

2. Especially not in this case. 🙂 What a pleasure it was to be a part of this project. We were approached by the then fitness coach of the Proteas team. What they required was a fitness management system that they will be implemented at the provincial level right up to the national team (Proteas).

All fitness analysis and test for each player would be submitted via the High Performance Fitness Software that we developed.

A custom online whiteboard where certain notes about players could be captured was one of the really cool add-ons.

The challenge at the time was to have a disconnected system running on a local database and when the system gets connected to the internet all the information gets synchronized with the web.

This means when the Proteas team is on tour and need to pull up a replacement from home the fitness coach have instant access to all the player’s details & fitness profiles. He can make an informed decision as to who is in form and fit.

We would love to tell everybody that we have contributed a little to the making of the best cricket team in the world 🙂 Whether anybody is going to believe us – that is a different discussion.

We are proud and with good reason. I don’t know too many people out there that had the opportunity to face not ONE but all of the Proteas players. We had a few project meetings where the entire Proteas team attended. Scary 🙂

What a true privilege…

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